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tv   [untitled]    April 11, 2012 10:30am-11:00am EDT

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john light on the good. video on demand oxys mind broadcasts. are as this feeds now with the palm of your. machine on the dot com. you're watching r t live here you headlines and the british prime minister turned his tour of asia into a weapons sales pitch seeking arms deals with nations in the pacific it's a move that many see as an attempt to undermine china's growing clout and this comes on the heels of the u.s. and building up its military presence in the region. peace envoy kofi annan says the syrian government has assured him it will respect the u.n. brokered cease fire with rebels with
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a deadline now less than twenty four hours away if despite some western countries again lashing out at the assad regime for its alleged failure to stick to commitments. and a powerful earthquake and the subsequent aftershocks triggered tsunami warnings in indonesia and several other countries in the indian ocean there were no immediate reports of deaths or damage following the eight point six magnitude quake. now with the u.s. elections coming up in november what's really on the minds of the american people for some answers to that our very own guy i can spoke to the c.d.o. of international polling giant gallup and he says the pollsters are often more in tune with the public than that of the politicians. i'm sitting down with jim clifton the c.e.o. of gallup the organization that conducts a pm polls in over one hundred forty countries and that's where you go when you
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want to find out what americans think about some of the most important issues of the day it's a cliff thank you very much for joining me pleasure seems clear about opinion polls are very much depends on the questions asked and with this regard there's something i'd like to kind of not there were two different polls not by calvert first given a choice between israel conducting strikes on iran's nuclear program or the united states and other world powers pursuing are to go share the solution with iran nearly seven out of ten americans choose diplomacy and there was another poll when the question was asked differently would they support a military action if there is evidence that they're building a weapon the majority said yes so there were two polls one where the majority said yes to war and another one where they already said yes to diplomacy. do you think that. the wording of questions just makes an enormous amount
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of difference one of things that we've noticed is if you put the word freedom. free in the question is it really changes its outcome it's also one of the reasons why special interest groups try to put the word free in their campaign so like unions with check you know they're going to spend he's going to free choice. any time you put the words you're very powerful. in our questions your question is do you believe that the people writing that question to make it come out any way they want pretty much so what do your poll say about who ran. americans are not nearly as war aggressive as we were. a few years ago we have enormous. war fatigue now that's not really a positive for a run in the way that americans believe that iran has nuclear capabilities they
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believe that they're eve well that they want to do bad and all that kind of thing but americans really want to take a break from war this is what the polls say yeah policymakers say they probably regularly follow your course polls are imposing tomorrow do you think a very negative poll can stop a war that's a hell of a question. you can't stop a war i think it can play a role in stopping a war by the way when. president roosevelt said we might have to take our boys to war against germany americans i mean overwhelmingly said no war and roosevelt went to war anyway so
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it's certainly a gallup poll and public opinion certainly didn't stop that war whether or not it causes just to pull out of iraq pull troops out of afghanistan i don't think the poll does that but like a lot of other. information i'm sure it plays a role you mentioned iraq in the run up to the iraq war gallup showed right before the war seventy two percent support among the americans and that support was much lower before the war was and now so there was a factor of rallying behind the leader what do you think that affects more on what the opinion polls on the leaders or the leaders on the opinion polls. sort of neither one what it is that is that americans are getting educated that the crisis is so small in america only about twenty percent of americans follow the news like you and me and all those people that were in here a little while ago so when we're taking our polls like of possible war in iraq
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you've got a whole bunch of americans that aren't following it all up until it gets serious and you say to me so it's about screaming it's where the ranking is gets there i would say spinning as much as just advancing news has there been a poll by palin recently that you would look at and say oh boy why doesn't the government take over it all took power granted act accordingly. and i i roll around on the floor i've had this same job for twenty four years i roll around on the floor all the time i just look and say how how can you know can you not see this. one is. there's about six million. businesses in the united states almost all of them are small so the government thinks is that the businesses aren't growing because the banks won't loan the money. that's a really important premise that they have so then they all say what are we going to do get banks to loan as
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a perfect example of not knowing what's on the minds of the people and then making stupid policies that make everything worse so we do a poll of the six million businesses and we say to them what's the biggest problem you have for growth they don't save they don't say get any money they can get money what they say is that they lack confidence in the economy because of the all the new regulations as far as foreign policy one of the places that i get concerned our state department intelligence the fence everybody we there's a huge black hole. in that we're not very good at and mathematically describing huge shifts of the will of civilizations of people i was given example right now if you were to ask the united states government to mathematically describe the relationship between muslims and the west so he's
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a good little better it's got a little worse or stain about the same. they're honest answer all of them as we don't know. well how the hell do you manage relationships between i mean that's a really important. relationship as far as geopolitics for the united states goes russia goes everywhere it goes but they have no math and so they don't know if it's getting a little bit better if it's getting a little bit worse but if you don't know that when you're making policies around it you make mistake mistake mistake there thing that you don't know is what's driving let's just see suffering so let's take egypt we saw suffering rising very quickly beast before the revolution so you knew about it beforehand or the government was knocking i certainly we as a group of leaders in the united states aren't very good with what i call
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behavioral economics so we tend to deal with activities after they've happened rather than. earlier on the curve before they happen you see what we could have done is i mean let's say that you wanted to. help egypt i don't know if you want to help the barracks leadership or not but we could have said hey guys you better be careful suffering is rising very very quickly who are across the world. nobody. decide on the questions we have a group of what we think are the best pollsters in the world employed here. and then we go out and and there's a whole bunch of very very good pollsters and behavioral economist at universities and then we go and ask their opinions because you have a get a phone call from a government official saying thank you as the american people what they think about this and that very important issue. yes we know we get those all the time
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so i'm so we probably got as i was so we got hundreds we'll get hundreds of them this week and they also have the questions to ask you know we take it into consideration many question dr you said bias and order and all that but then our analysts go into a room and they write with they believe to be a non-biased question another's people pay us is polling a business. it is for us. where does the money come from well actually. our clients we do proprietary work for fortune five hundred companies and really good at is doing polls of their customers with huge samples and we help them build strategies so they can be more competitive what's the dynamic in terms of opinion polls this economy among the american people i mean the way it was four years ago i rate is now well. of
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course we're going just fine and two thousand and seven first part of two thousand and eight then we've been crashing down and we've been down. but now it's coming back a little bit not a lot but back up you know but put it back a little bit and after when president obama next election i don't think quite yet. well we ask right now if you're to vote tonight who to vote for obama or romney and according to the gallup poll if we vote tonight romney will beat him because you know you may very well vote for romney but not for him you're just voting against the president ok is there a survey what are the main reasons not to vote for the president it's just strictly unemployment. the reason i think just one reason
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for surprise foreign policy i think foreign policy plays no role at all right now i mean if something really big happened so israel bombs iran and we've got to back. i mean some good will make a little bit of a difference but americans are the place right now they don't want to hear about foreign policy they should that they don't tell me they should be concerned about all of this same enough we don't hear about war we don't hear bonnie and that we want to hear about how come my brother in law and my sister in law and my sister my kids not only don't have work but they have no hope for a job we get up those unemployment real close to twenty percent in this country. not eight point five it's twenty because you know if i come over and more your lawn and you pay me twenty dollars that department of labor statistics does not count me as an employee very few people know that so the number of employed is very very soft there's
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a hundred fifty million people that won't work so means that thirty million are out of work sixty percent of them tell gallup they have no hope for getting a job so that's eighteen million and that just puts a damper on voting. for president. there's two questions or do i think they should not do they yes thank you very much i pledge or. there hasn't been anything yet on t.v. . it is to get the maximum political impact costs for the source material is what helps if journalism honest we.
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say we want to present. something else. please. the list is. just so. just so. just so. sick. wealthy british scientists scientists sometimes just.
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markets why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy in the cosmic war on our. the headlines on r.t. the british prime minister turns his tour of asia into a weapons sales pitch seeking arms deals with nations in the pacific it's a move that many see as an attempt to undermine china's growing clout this comes on the heels of the u.s. building up its military presence in the region as well. peace envoy kofi annan says the syrian government has assured him it will respect the u.n. brokered cease fire with rebels the deadline now less than twenty four hours away plus despite some western countries are again lashing out at the assad regime for its alleged failure to stick to commitments. and
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a powerful earthquake and the subsequent aftershocks triggered tsunami warnings in indonesia and several other countries in the indian ocean there were no immediate reports of deaths or damage following the eight point six magnitude quake. and time for kate now here on r.t. with the latest action from the world of sport. they're welcome to the latest sports update is coming up. final bits did i'm also prepared to host all that while it's almost half time in design against the semifinals day in the russian cup. while thrilling phenolic kenny dalglish noughties liverpool side's first victory in five the games after injury time headache if the ten man raids a three two win at struggling. and biting talk boxing's bad boy derek just
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talks about punching punditry and i can out the plan a fighter speaks exclusively to our team. but first of all and i'm also have the chance to reach their first russian cup final for thirteen years if they win at home to fellow premier league zone involved in the second of this wednesday semifinals while there are no other favorites despite having won only two of the last seven variants their joint top scorer kevin kerr and he is also struggling a little bit having netted only once in his last four outings but you want to lay a few ghosts to rest and missing this sitter and the signs met last summer welcome ronnie is expected to leave the line with however vulgar in the bottom half of the table their own between for. that game is the second sunday final of the day the first season rubin also taking premier league strugglers rostock taking them on the hosts are looking to reach the final for the second time in three years and it is that it's almost half time in design and the score is nil not. meanwhile in england
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on tuesday night a stoppage time godoy record signing andy carroll gave ten liverpool a three to retreat starting back in a premier league thriller that absolutely everything rests quickly went to me a lot thanks to a maxi rodriguez race a rush of blood from stan in newcastle xander donate sorby a tally and sent off the injured. wallace well third choice going to brad jones to save the eye of betty was resulting run a time penalty but the right to strike us with the made amends by killing a golf back then on the outstanding people jones inexplicably paul daniels at this time the nigerian vary the spot kick to to make carroll's the last gasp head that gave the reds victory but remain in the relegation zone france relief mccain's allegations little pools first victory in five and a tiny head of saturday's f.a. cup semifinal against merseyside rivals everton at wembley. liverpool of god it was three everton in the past but it's great the stories will still. cause we're going
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to give you all. think is that important much for both of us so don't show you what we're thinking about what we're. going to try because if we're going to try and give yourself every opportunity to get to fail well meanwhile this wednesday evening premier league leaders manchester united goes the relegation threatened reagan ranch the city there who are eight points behind in second bay has west brom struggling feebly are welcome swanzy and also more production solid eight first place with a win it was for a manager asked. of the league's bottom five. every. look at the results in the previous approach to how much every time the next. because it is fall because. you keep strong points when you don't expect them to grow up with your favorites. for us.
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it is important to forge of course forward to dodger's where. we could be consistent since two boards from enough moans and it's important we're doing about . well meanwhile over in spain defending champions gasline are now just a point behind lead israel madrid after a four year thrashing of cafe at the nou camp thanks sanchez scored twice through the cattle on site within touching distance of wales they do have a game in hand parting of the results of the tsunami kept at bay you wrote really big with a two nil home real espanyol and rail service here as drew one one with real betis . but meanwhile in france the fairy tales are over for a third division side after they lost four military giants in new york in some the finals of the french top of course inside his stunning league more need is more belly in the quarter finals but this time around the game turned to the thirty eight minute after anthony colonnade was sent off for a violent tackle and they all ran riot in the second half at xander luck as that's
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netted the first and it's under lopez soon added another ten years which distance crumbled came on granny a power of the agony of the third ten minutes from the time before going he added the final goal for neil in the final of the all will face either third division take me start then play this wednesday. and in the meantime fever inspectors have kicked off their three day tour of southern russia as the country prepares for its first ever world cup to be held in twenty eighteen cousins always the first stop and is one of the thirteen cities bidding to stage the ultimate football spectacle only eleven will make the final list present are already provides the home for a couple of top flight sides but a brand new stadium built for the world cup the local airport is also going to be upgraded to meet a possible influx of fans something that the organizers hope the region. regional administration is trying to certain. everything that is built on the world
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cup. because of the. news will be used extensively and there is already a demand for certain it's not going to be built. while i was right in the meantime russia have moved up to a place to eleventh in the complete before world rankings while the blitz began because men just above for more world and european champions this week dropped out of the top ten while current world and european holder spain are still untouchable at the top of germany and are right behind the euro guy cracking the top three in the first time in history in one dropped one place to seventh with the f.a. yet seen a new manager headed to some of the european championships in poland and ukraine. now afonso premier bernie ecclestone insists next week's bahrain grand prix will go ahead despite security concerns but the event could be scrapped in the future however this weekend of the focus turns the grand prix in china and ferrari's twice former champion fernando alonso will be looking to stretch his lead at the top of
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the driver's standings in shanghai the spaniard took top spot after a surprise victory at the malaysian grand prix last month but ferrari admit their car needs some improvement if alonso is to keep his title hopes alive. i certainly will do it but it can be very poor. trying to trigger the moment you know from the early for of three meals you realize we've got quite a few issues that we need to fourth around everyone at the factory working our old but we're we've still got a long way to go. in the n.b.a. the russian under new jersey nets have been eliminated from the postseason contention for a third straight time following a business rushing by the philadelphia seventy six ers and home court all i make are proper overs actually at the prudential center as the nets got off to a decent start kris humphries and carol williams leading the way for the host to tie the open quota of twenty apiece plus it was all philadelphia after that lou williams spencer hawes and obvious young all came off the bench to spark
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a run to victory one hundred seventy eighty eight the final score the sixers putting in ends today four game losing streak and are seventh in the east. boxing's bad boy derek zorra says he enjoyed his public brought with david haye the other instance or just or lose his british boxing license in march and he may never fight again but in an exclusive interview with r.t. the british heavyweight said he had a few regrets bearing. the brunt of. the way. he's shown his boxing skills in the ring becoming the british heavyweight champion in twenty jan but more recently we've seen him out of control out of the ring pulling his controversial pre-fight slip off the telly. and spitting in the younger brother space the image of the sport's bad boy has caused derek to soar on
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his career the twenty eight year old had his professional license withdrawn by the british boxing board of control this march after the last straw press conference brawl with david haye so what made you do it all going through the pressure rangar was. oh i don't know where you qualified it goes for me. because i'm doing. unfortunately stories no longer allowed to jordin a professional boxer and we might be the first to hear it in your role of bucks an analyst clarify. something for oil so far as. my. part of your
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being a. prophet. we've done the best thing for smaller ones. some. skills and skills. and while many still wonder why one of the most anticipated belts of recent years and me whether vs spark yellow is yet to happen stories sure white know will. make more money for people to fight each other and one of them was so it's pointless. artsy. the next couple of asked. so your.
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question is that so much about taxpayers' money materialization people my people are very pricey answer i think this is one way to describe chinese truly amazing ascent to meet international stage but with success comes china. there hasn't been anything yet on t.v. . it is to get the maximum political impact. before source material is what helps keep journalism honest we. we want to present. something.
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and. news today of violence.


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